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Are you really serious about a quality floor? If so, Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane provide high-end quality polished timber flooring services in Brisbane. Our core focus is to:

  • First, exceed our customer's expectations

  • Then, of course leave your home in pristine condition on completion

Talk to Karl, the floor polisher right now on 0419684404. Or fill in our Quick and Easy Online Form to request a free on-site floor sanding quote in the city of Brisbane and all Northside Suburbs.

What to Expect from us
Step by step - Start your journey!
Step 2: Arrange to Meet Onsite
The company van in the foreground onsite at a Brisbane home.

After receiving your quote request, we will of course phone you without delay. Next, we will arrange an appointment onsite. At the same time, we can also answer any questions you may have regarding floor sanding and floor polishing.

Step 3: On-site Inspection

Finished timber kitchen floor in low sheen luster and adjacent lounge floors before being assessed

To begin with, we carry out a thorough check above as well as beneath the floorboards. Meanwhile, we take the time to also walk through with our clients. Beside us, we can then show or explain any issues or problems. Next we then prepare a comprehensive quote. In addition to outlining the full scope of work, we also include time frames, guarantees and more.

Step 4: Your Floor Sander Onsite

Electric sander machine with fine abrasive grit sandpaper sanding a dressed timber floor

After you accept our quote, next we offer advice on floor polish and gloss levels. Meanwhile, we also arrange a start date for the commencement of works. Equally important, we help you navigate through the floor polishing process.

Step 5: Final Inspection
Non-toxic stain coating over a polished lounge room floor after being sanded and polished

The day after the conclusion of works, we then of course, inspect the polished floor. This is in order to get the highest quality polyurethane finish. Finally, you receive floor care instructions as well as advice on:

  • Preparing under your furniture
  • Replacing large items such as a refrigerator
  • Cleaning and maintenance.

Economy Floor Sanding Company Profile

Economy Floor Sanding Company owner in front of the company van

"Hi, I’m Karl from Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane"

So, you know you want the best quality finish on your floors - that’s a given. Although how can you trust that a flooring company can deliver?

  • Well first, when you call this company you deal with me, the owner of the business. Not only that, but you also deal with the same person from the quote stage, right through to completion of works.

  • Next, you also get a guarantee in writing that your home is dust-free on completion.

  • You can also feel secure because we always issue a Q.B.C.C. contract to every customer. The Queensland Building and Construction Commission is, of course in place to protect the consumer.

Find out all the reasons clients keep choosing us.

    Discover the Skill and Quality
    Finally, you really need to watch our case study videos. This is because Brisbane floor sanding companies will above all, vary when it comes to quality. They show in detail, examples of the type of sanding defects we generally encounter and then how we fix them for our clients.
    Case Study Videos

    Premium Protection

    We use commercial grade polyurethane coatings for highly durable  polished wood floors

    • Flexible sealer to allow floorboard movement
    • High wear resistance floor coatings
    • Matt, low sheen and gloss polish options
    • High grip stair coatings
    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to sand floors? Floor sanding costs for an average sized home (for example) will of course vary from around $3000 and up to around $8000. However, it really depends on house size and likewise the floor condition.

    Does floor sanding cause much dust? No! In fact, moreover, we guarantee in writing your home will be dust-free on completion. It is because of our custom vacuum systems and processes which in fact make this happen.

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    Prices for Sanding

    In Brisbane, many homeowners will generally seek out the lowest priced quote before investing their renovation dollars.

    Consequently, the end result may later be less than expected. This is especially true across the floor sanding industry.

    However, our up-front price guide dives deeper beneath what floor sanders really don’t want you to know.

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    Domestic Floor Sanding

    Solid timber flooring is usually present under old, outdated floor coverings. Especially in Brisbane's older suburbs. Therefore, if you are renovating or selling, then polishing the floorboards will, consequently, add serious value.

    Learn more about sanding domestic timber floors

    Old Timber Floors

    Older floors in Brisbane are generally old pine (softwood) or hardwood. The age and condition will, of course vary. Therefore, we offer a full restoration service. In order to understand further we offer examples of what we usually encounter.

    Read further in detail about old timber floors

    Timber Floor Repairs

    From above and below your floor, we carry out all types of repairs. Floors in Brisbane, especially older ones, usually need a little TLC before floor sanding and polishing can begin. Because of this, we show you some examples.

    Read more about timber floor repairs

    Stair Sanding

    A staircase, to begin with, is generally the first thing seen in a home. Therefore, it is usually a focal point. For this reason, we strive to create a stunning addition to your entry. Further, and equally important, we offer high grip finishes for safety.

    Learn more about polishing timber stairs

    Brisbane Customer News

    Satin polish on white timber finished floor and gaps between the floorboards in the foreground.

    Floorboard Gaps

    Sometimes the gaps between floorboards can be a topic for concern, especially in older floors. Because timber is a natural material, it will absorb as well as release moisture.

    Find out more

    A living room floor after a floor polisher coated it with an oil based timber polish after renovations.
    Are You Renovating?

    The timing of tradesmen is a point often overlooked when renovating. Your timber floor sanding and polishing company should always be the last trade onsite to avoid extra costs.

    Find out why

    Wooden floor shining with light reflection across it after polishing with water based varnish and a lounge in the background.
    Customer Guide

    Before getting your wooden floors sanded and polished you will first need to prepare your home. For this reason, we guide you through the process for a stress-free experience.

    Find out how