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In most older Brisbane suburbs, Queensland style houses are under renovation. Restoring timber flooring is popular especially when keeping the original character alive. Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane are experts in working with aged wooden flooring including all facets of floor restoration.
One of our Latest Google Reviews:
Karl has done an amazing job of our 100 year old hoop pine floors. He blended old and new, keeping all the character and making it look fabulous. So pleased we found someone that spent as much time in preparation as in the application. Could not recommend Karl more highly.
Cameron Turner
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Floor Sanding Services

Domestic Floor Sanding

Solid wood floorboards are often hidden under old, worn floor coverings, especially in the older neighbourhoods of Brisbane. So if you are remodelling or putting your home on the market, refinishing the hardwood floors can significantly increase the property's value.
Timber Floors

Old Timber Floors

Floors in older Brisbane homes often have floorboards made from old pine or hardwood. These floorboards naturally vary in age and condition. We provide a complete restoration service for these floors. 
Old Floors

Timber Floor Repairs

We provide all kinds of wood floor repairs for above and below your flooring. Floors in Brisbane, particularly older ones, often require some tender loving care before sanding and polishing. That's why we're showing you some examples of the repairs we can perform.

Stair Polishing Service

A staircase is typically the first element noticed when entering a home. As such, it tends to be a main design feature. Because of this, we aim to provide an eye-catching finish to your entryway. We also provide high grip finishes for safety.

Premium Polishing

Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane use highly durable polyurethanes.

  • Flexible sealer allowing floorboards to move
  • High wear resistance coatings
  • Matt, low sheen and gloss polish options
  • High grip stair coatings
Watch as I Talk You Through This Case Study
A Cypress Pine timber floor in full gloss which also involved some floor repairs.
Shortly after completion, the owners relayed the following message to us:
The floors were a big hit on auction day!
The agent

Restoring Floors in Queenslander Syle Homes

Wood Borer Damage

Generally, Hoop Pine wooden flooring is the most common timber flooring found in Queenslanders. Often, old Hoop Pine floors show signs of some form of wood borer activity within an isolated floorboard. A ‘honeycomb’ type effect of damage will be present, and this is a result of borers chewing or tunnelling through the wood.

This effect will cause one of two issues. A visual issue, and a structural one, and often both. Flexing of a floorboard when walking on it, for example would be a structural issue. Borer tracks, viewed on the surface of a floorboard are highlighted by light reflection, this is the negative visual side.

Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane are experts at repairing Borer damage in Hoop Pine floors and also colour matching with aged timber.

Rotary Sanding Technique

For super-flat floors
The last sanding step removes any remaining blemishes on the floor after preparation. It's the difference between an average polished floor versus one that can be looked at from all perspectives under reflected light without any defects. We use a rotary sander with a 150-grit screen mesh disc for the final sanding pass. This guarantees maximum wood grain closure and takes away any signs of sandpaper marks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will your home be covered in dust during the project? Not at all! We promise in writing (included in your quote) that your home will be dust-free when we're finished. To make sure of this, we use several techniques like floor-to-ceiling screens and custom vacuums hooked up to all our sanding tools.
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Prices for Sanding

The costs for a standard-sized house for sanding and polishing will range from about $4000 to $6000. However, the actual price depends on the size of the home and condition. Our pricing guide goes more in-depth into details that some Brisbane sanding businesses may not want consumers to be aware of.
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Brisbane Flooring News

Satin floor polish on white timber finished flooring showing the gaps between them.

Floorboards & Gaps

Sometimes the gaps between floorboards can be a topic for concern, especially in older floors. Because timber is a natural material, it will absorb as well as release moisture.

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Hoop Pine timber flooring after polishing

Are You Renovating?

The timing of tradesmen is a point often overlooked when renovating. Polishing your flooring should be the last task of your renovation to avoid extra costs.

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Wooden flooring shining with light reflection across it after polishing with water based varnish.
Customer Guide

Before having your timber flooring polished you will first need to prepare your home. For this reason, we guide you through the process for a stress-free experience.

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