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Brisbane Deck Sanding - Outdoor Floors

Outdoor sanding of decks in Brisbane makes good sense in the summer months. Alfresco living brings the outdoors in and blending adjoining indoor/outdoor timber flooring can create an amazing look. As Brisbane deck sanding experts, we make any outdoor living spaces look great.

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Deck sanding completed on outdoor timber floor with exterior floor finish

Brisbane’s harsh climate can take its toll on unsealed timber floors outside. Sanding outdoor decks will remove the weathered look on the deck surface. Coating your deck with quality exterior finishes will beautify and protect them.

Decking timber butting up against inside timber flooring can bring the “outside in”. This can give the appearance of an extension on your living space. Most outside decks are made from hardwoods so if you also have hardwood floors inside, it will be a close colour match.

Outdoor Sanding of Decks Around Pools

Outdoor deck sanding finished with deck oiling around pool
Outdoor sanding of decks around pools really creates a contrast of colour. Blue water against the colour of hardwood is stunning. The natural look of water and timber coming together partners well. The water and UV resistant deck finish will protect it from the elements.

Timber Deck Surface Preparation

Your Brisbane deck sanding specialists will strip back your deck surface to a fine grade finish. Our long-nosed floor sanders will reach under balustrade rails right to the outer edge of your decking. We punch & fill nail holes because it creates a more seamless, smooth deck surface.

Brisbane's Outdoor Deck Coating Specialists

Coating deck oil on the deck surface of an outdoor pool deck.
Your deck’s sanded, now it is time to protect it from the sun, wind, and rain. Our 3-coat system will enhance the timber colour and woodgrain in your decking timber. The exterior coatings are water and UV resistant. Because decks do get wet, safety can be a concern in some situations. For that reason, we offer a non-slip additive as an option. Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane are happy to advise you on this option.

Outdoor Timber Deck Maintenance

Brisbane outdoor decks are usually used for entertaining. They are generally attached to the house and are covered to a degree. Despite that, the sun will still hit the deck surface daily from some direction. Usually in the early morning or late afternoon.

All outdoor deck finishes will need a maintenance coat at some stage. Direct sunlight on your deck is the leading factor behind this. Because of this, some clients are happy to do this themselves, every 12 to 18 months. Together with some guidance, it can successfully save you some cash. On the other hand, we are happy to recoat your deck for you when it is needed.For all your Brisbane deck sanding needs, talk to Karl today. Or fill in our quick quote request form.