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Brisbane Floor Sanding prices

How much does floor sanding cost? Our Brisbane prices guide help you to calculate the floor sanding costs to sand, polish and restore your timber floors.

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New Floors

from $30


  • New Floors

  • Extensions

Old Floors

from $45


  • Soiled Floors

  • Uneven Surface

How your Floor Sanding Costs Can Vary

We offer square metre rates as shown above, as a general guide only to prospective clients preparing a renovation budget.
In the real world, calculations are based on a range of factors with labour time playing a key role. Our focus is on offering our clients high quality work. Please be aware that the level of quality within the floor sanding and polishing industry does vary, and will be reflected in the costs, as well as the final result. Comparing quotes and conducting a little research is the best advice before deciding on a company (for example, we offer all our clients a Q.B.C.C. contract for their protection)

New & General Floors

The prices above are for a completed polished floor.

It includes sanding, preparation and 3 coats of high solids polyurethane finish. Aspects which may alter your total price could include:

  • Old floor covering removal
  • Staining
  • Floor surface conditions

Old Floors

Here are some examples why your floors may need extra work and/or materials.

They can vary the time required to strip down and prepare your old timber floors and may include:

  • Leveling uneven floors
  • Removal of stains
  • Removal of old coatings

Calculate Your Floor Sanding Costs

To calculate your floor sanding costs, you need to consider all aspects.

This is to determine the exact costs, time and work necessary to produce a floor with a high standard of workmanship.
Economy floor sanding Brisbane offer free onsite inspections and written quotes. This is the best way to calculate the costs of your floor sanding project. Floor sanding and polishing cost per m2 can start at around $35 (plus GST) for a new floor. In contrast, it can reach a lot higher for a floor in poor condition. As mentioned above, the difference in surface conditions will vary prices. All things considered, it's still inexpensive in the long term in comparison to carpet.

Calculate the floor sanding cost

We're Here To Help

If you're uncertain how the process works, talk to us.
By all means call or email us about any facet of your timber floor sanding project. It’s all about how we treat our customers. We are more than happy to conduct further consultation. We're also happy to reply to further questions on our wood floor restoration proposal. Call the Brisbane Floor Sanding specialists 6 days a week at a time that suits you. Your floor sanding cost estimate is a phone call away!

An Example of Calculating Costs and How They Vary

cost of floor sanding in Brisbane
Here and there, floor sanding costs related to the work involved can vary.

Materials and related timber flooring products can also increase costs. This old pine floor for example, had borer damage. I would need to source floorboards before the starting day. Without delay (and before offering a quote) I contacted the timber yard about prices. From time to time timber prices move up and down depending on availability.

Generally speaking, prices for new Hoop Pine floorboards are approximately $10 to $14 (+GST) per linear metre. Prices will also depend on timber grade.  In any event, at the time, Hoop Pine floorboard prices had soured to $17 (+GST) per metre. This was due to a shortage at the time.

An Example of Calculating Costs for Labour and Materials

sanding floorboards cost
This old hardwood floor is another example of why prices for materials can vary.

To begin with, glue covered the surface. This gums up the sanding belts fast. There were also hundreds of staples which were hammered down flat. The steel staples will blunt the sandpaper belts quickly. Depending on the grade of paper, these belts can range in prices between $17 to $20 (+GST) each.

A floor like this one could chew through 10 to 20 belts in no time. Besides extra materials, further labour costs increase.

When dealing with tongue and groove timber floorboards, there are a wide range of issues that can arise.

You get a skilled floor sander on-site, that can deal with any timber flooring problem. Our floor sanding and polishing services offer premium quality workmanship at competitive rates. We polish timber floors for clients all over Brisbane. So request a quote right now! We offer flooring options within our quotes and offer our clients freedom of choice.

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