Mistakes Clients Make When Getting Polished Floors

Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid

When we sand timber floors, the first thing we do is talk to our clients. We talk about staying safe, and how to avoid headaches during works. There have been some “uh oh” moments over the years from miss-communication. For that reason, here are the top 5 tips to iron out the bugs and make it a stress-free experience.

polished floors in Brisbane

1. – If Renovating Have Your Polished Floors Done Last

If your considering polished floors, you should finish all your renovation work before you begin. For fear that you end up with a scratched or dented floor; you should schedule it as the last task. Jump in beforehand and you risk costly damage. Don’t risk blowing your budget out of the water. Tools, glue, grout, work boots, grit, paint and more can result in re-coating or re-sanding to repair them.

2. – Don’t Leave Your Cars Under The House

Some gaps between floorboards can be wider than others. Depending on the size, the floor coating can sometimes seep or drip through. Rather than ruin your pride and joy’s paint work, you should move them out. In the event that you decide to cover them, ensure to use plastic drop sheets rather than fabric. Of course, it is only necessary if you do not have a ceiling present under your polished floors.

3. – Don’t Roll Your Fridge Over Your Freshly Polished Floors

Some people have ruined their polished floors days after completion. Oh yes, believe me, it has happened! Today’s fridges have a huge weight riding on four tiny wheels. They can indent the surface as well as taking the floor coating with it.

4. – Don’t Forget There is a Fire Hazard Risk

Many timber floor coatings are flammable. In the event that we coat your polished floors with one, you should be well aware of what you can and can’t do. As a matter of fact, it is preferable if you vacate the house, especially during the coating process. It can be dangerous for a home owner unaware of the risks. Some activities classed as high risk can include naked flames such as a plumber’s torch. Others can include even a toaster, gas or electric cooker and smoking to name a few.

5. – Don’t Leave Clothes/Towels in Built-in Cupboards

Although we guarantee to keep your home dust free, there is yet, an exception. If we sand and polish flooring in built-in cupboards, it will pay to empty them prior. Sanding edges in tight places can warrant the use of smaller hand-held sanders. Sometimes, because of the confined spaces, vacuum hose connection may be difficult. Static electricity charged dust particles can cling to fabric located on lower shelves. Coupled with that, towels and clothing can absorb the smell of the floor coating used. You should move them before the sanding process.  This is always preferable rather than washing and re-folding everything afterwards.

In Conclusion

It’s important to us to inform our clients every step of the way about what to expect before and during works. If your thinking about having polished floors in Brisbane talk to us today for free, helpful advice – we’d love to hear from you.