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Economy Floor Sanding near Brisbane can add serious appeal as well as value to your home. Our floor sanding services offer a complete system to sand and restore wood flooring. We're based in Cashmere, north of Brisbane city. Our Brisbane service area extends to all north-side suburbs. Our services include sanding, polishing, staining repairs and more. For a no obligation free inspection, call us now on: 0419684404 or request a quote online.

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Sanding Timber Floors

We sand timber floors in both existing homes and businesses around Brisbane. The types of floors we sand, for the most part, are solid tongue and groove flooring. For example, a typical wooden floor found in a home. Besides that, we also sand specialty floors like parquetry and outdoor flooring. We do not sand or re-coat engineered timber floors or laminate wood floors.

Sanding Floors In Need Of Repair

Sometimes, existing floors may need some form of repair work carried out. On the whole, it's most common with older hardwood or pine timber floors. Given these points, the most common types of repairs include:

  • Termite or borer repairs
  • Water damage repairs
  • Floorboard bracing
  • Sub-floor repairs

With all floor repairs carried out, we can then sand your floors. Our flexible quoting system allows the client to choose repair work as a price option. For example, you may choose us to repair your floor. Likewise, you have the choice to manage the repairs yourself.

Sanding and Polishing Wood Flooring

Indoor flooring near Brisbane

Following the sanding of your wooden floors, we can then polish them. We use a 3 coat system using only durable, high film build floor finishes. Floor coatings come in a range of gloss levels. In any event, the choice is yours. Instead of guessing, see our gloss level guide for polished timber floors. Not only do we show you examples, we also explain the pros and cons of each one.

Sanding and Staining Timber floors

Staining timber floors, for the most part, is a modern trend. Here is a hot tip about floor stains – “Less is more”. To explain, there are some reasons why you should and also why you shouldn’t stain wood flooring. To begin with, blending an old and new floor is a good reason. Blending replaced floorboards is another. Adding a tinge of wood floor stain by all means will enrich the shade of the timber species.. Tell us what you want, and we will assist you depending on your particular floor type and conditions.

Deck Sanding and Sealing

outdoor flooring

We are Brisbane deck sanding and coating experts. We sand timber decks as well as verandas and patios. Get your outdoor ground floor or upstairs decking looking great for summer. Out exterior floor finishes repel water. At the same time, they stand up to the harsh Queensland sun. Before we sand timber decking we first inspect for any damage. We offer a service to replace any rotted decking boards and deck joists. Re-nailing any loose decking is the next step before the sander meets the floor. Upon completion we offer a maintenance plan for our clients. As a result, your decks will look great for years to come.

The Sanding Process

The basement level floor sanding method is to sand with the grain. We find this has its flaws, in achieving a stunning end result. To sand floors flat, we first need to sand the floorboards at about 30 degrees. Sometimes we need to sand both ways to achieve this. Only then, we proceed to sand with the timber grain. From this point we progress through various sanding machinery. We use upper level floor sanding techniques in the final stages. This ensures the removal of all traces of fine sanding lines in the floor surface.

Sanding Glue and Paint off Old Floors

Removing old floor coverings from your home may reveal some nasty surprises underneath. It is common in old homes to find floor coverings glued straight to your floorboards. It is more often found on kitchen floors and laundry floors. We can sand glue off your floors as part of our prep work. We also sand paint off timber floors. A prior inspection is a must. We price this work on a job to job basis depending on floor conditions.

Restoring Floors Previously sanded

Restoring existing polished floors in your home is a simple, one day process. Applying a new top coat can restore timber floors and add another hard-wearing layer. The main reason you might use this service is to prolong the life of your existing polished floors. We carry out a light sand which removes minor scratches and scuff marks. Also, as a bonus, you can change the gloss level of your floors with this process. Take advantage of a modern low sheen look to change the whole look of your floor.

Re-sanding Your Floors – Why Do It?

Polished floors near Brisbane QLD

Sometimes, old or worn polished flooring needs a little extra work. That is, more than only a one coat repair as described above. Re-sanding a floor to remove dents and scratches may be the solution. Sanding a floor surface flat will strip off the existing floor finish. This will remove floor abrasions and damage due to general floor wear and tear. The foyer floor or entry floor of a home will usually show the first signs of wear. We can guide you whether sanding your floors down to this degree will be the right choice for your floors.

Why Sanding Your Floors is Cheaper Than Carpet

At some point you will meet a crossroad; whether to replace your carpet or sand your floors. To give credit where credit’s due, the carpet option will disrupt your home life the least. Having your floors sanded and polished up will take about 3 to 5 days. Long-term, the benefit of a polished floor is, it will save you cash. Restoring your floors with a new top layer coat is the key. You should perform an annual check of the main wear zones in your home. This will ensure polished floors will by far, outlast carpet.

Flooring in Rental Homes

Rental flooring near Brisbane QLD

Are you a landlord renting out a home with polished timber floors near Brisbane? There are some steps you can take to protect your investment. If you don’t act now, sooner or later a tenant will cause some costly damage. For one thing, on day one a tenant could roll their fridge over your floor. In this case the fridge wheels will indent the timber leaving track marks in your floors. Without delay, read our post on protecting polished floors in rental properties.

Brisbane Service Area

Economy Floor Sanding offer floor sanding services near Brisbane out to all north-side suburbs. We’re based in Cashmere QLD and also quote after hours and weekends. Talk to Karl today on 0419684404 or request a quote online:

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