floor sanding in kitchen

Floor Sanding in Kitchens – How to Prepare

Floor sanding in kitchens with timber floors

Do I need to remove my Fridge?

When floor sanding in kitchens, generally, it is best practice to move the refrigerator out. This is for two reasons. First, there is usually a sizable gap down the sides of the fridge which are seen. Second, if you are selling at a later stage, the fridge recess will look odd. That said, if it is a tight fit and do not want to struggle with a huge appliance there is another option. We can move it out, sand and apply one coat and roll it back in. The final two coats can go around it.

What about the Dishwasher?

Dishwashers are generally left installed. They are always a nice tight fit and really a set and forget appliance. On the other hand, if you arrange to have it removed, we are happy to sand and apply 3 coats into the space.

Upright Electric & Gas Stoves

Electric Stoves:

An upright electric stove generally has an extended electrical cable. This allows us to pull it out far enough to get a small sander behind it. Once again, we can apply 1 coat, place it back into position and apply the final 2 coats around it. Of course, if you arrange an electrician to disconnect it prior, we are happy to sand and apply 3 coats.

Gas Stoves:

Some gas stoves are free-standing on legs. A long-nosed sander can reach approximately 300 mm back from the front panel. Most clients are happy with this as in most cases visibility is low. Once again, on the other hand you can choose to have a gas fitter remove it prior for a perfect result.

Will my Kitchen Kick-boards get Damaged

Generally screws hold kick-boards in place. Some however are clip-on and you can remove them. Either way, we guarantee in writing there will be no damage caused from floor sanding in kitchens.

Floor sanding & new kitchen installs

Installing a new kitchen? Have it fully installed and completed before the sanding and polishing takes place. This will avoid any costly repairs if done the opposite way.

Returning your fridge after completion

Never roll your refrigerator over a finished polished floor. Four small wheels carry the entire weight and will indent the timber and coating. There are methods to get your fridge back without causing any damage. The best way is to use two sheets of 3mm MDF which are larger than your fridge base. The method is to roll it over them and walk the sheets across your floor. We explain it further on our floor care page.

Floor Sanding in Greater Brisbane

Economy Floor Sanding are a specialist floor sanding company in Brisbane. We take great care when sanding and coating around kitchen cabinetry. We generally sand to within 5 mm of the kick-boards. Then we use specific hand-held scrapers to finish the job.