Polishing Old Timber Floors in Brisbane

Usually when polish old timber floors in Brisbane issues will arise. Beside bathrooms perhaps there may be water damage. Most of the older pine and hardwood timber floors in Brisbane we deal with have some form of damage present. This may include issues such as water damage or borer and termite affected floorboards. We also deal with issues relating to sanding and polishing timber staircases. Below are the most common defects we come across. In any event, the good news is we can repair them. To begin with, let’s look at some of these common defects.

Wood floor restoration Brisbane

Floorboard Repair

Sometimes when polishing old timber floors it may involve some floorboard repairs and replacement. Economy Floor Sanding are experts at blending and matching timber floor colour. In addition, we also stain new timber floorboards to match with your existing floor.

What You May Encounter

General discolouration and some form of stains such as water damage go hand in hand with older timber floors in Brisbane homes. The good news is sometimes they will sand out 100 percent. In contrast, there are some types of stains which are impossible to sand out. For example, one of the worst types of stains is animal urine. Water leakage over a period of time can also stain. Further, it can even start to rot a floor. Other stains can include oil stains, rust stains from nails, and burns.

Wall Removal

From time to time some clients change their floor plan. You should always do this before your floors are sanded and polished. Perhaps you move a wall for example; this will reveal raw timber boards. In this case, we cannot do a spot sand and coat of those boards. We would need to sand and polish the entire area.

Other Trade Work

Ensure other trades have completely finished all their work prior to polishing your floor. This includes structural changes, painting and tiling before your floor sanding company arrives. Never polish your floors before this stage, because there is a high risk you may damage them. Repairs may entail re-coating or complete re-sanding to gain a uniform look.

Potential Damage

Regardless of the damage, it will definitely increase your floor sanding costs. Repairs and join lines to floor coatings can be an eyesore. Using the correct location for a join line or repair can avoid this, such as in a doorway. This is opposed to, for example making a join in the middle of a room. In that case gloss level variants would be obvious in reflected light.

Video Example: Repairs on Some Old Timber Floors in Brisbane

This short video shows an example of problems faced when polishing older timber floors in Brisbane.

Installing a new Kitchen?

As with moving an existing wall, when updating your kitchen it may not sit exactly in the same location. This will expose unsealed boards. Once again, this will involve the sanding and polishing of an entire area. Be sure to install your kitchen before your floor sanding and polishing. It is common for a kitchen installer to request the floor sanding done first. This would be a huge mistake. During a kitchen installation, cupboards get shuffled around, and adjusted. Splashbacks and appliances will both offer plenty of opportunities for damage. Objects and substances will meet with the floor surface. These can include tools, grout, adhesives and silicon.

Painting Your Walls

It is best to complete your painting tasks before floor sanding and polishing. Be careful not to flood paint on at the skirting boards. Paint will penetrate down the gaps between floorboards. This can prove difficult or impossible to remove. No matter how careful you are, accidents do happen. So why risk it? Carrying out any major painting tasks before polishing your floors. Removing paint residue from a finished floor can cause permanent damage if not done in the right way. Have a look at this Ashgrove floor sanding case study and you will see what we mean about paint spills on old floors.

Going That Extra Mile

A Recent Floor Restoration Job

We recently completed some sanding, polishing and restoration work on some timber floors for a client. It was for a customer in Bilsen Rd Wavell Heights. This was an older home typical for the area, which proved less than a straightforward project. At the quote stage, the owner said he would remove two walls before the work commenced.

The job was set to start Friday and completed Tuesday (excluding Sunday). When I arrived, I found some large holes in the floor. It was under where the walls had sat. Some floorboards would need replacing. I would also need to stagger the joins to blend in the repair.

Time To Make The Magic Happen

Part of our service is to religiously stick to our pre-set start and completion dates. That said, now I had my work cut out for me to locate these exact boards. I now needed to locate some floorboards with identical colour, age and also timber grain. Besides that, I also needed to find them over the weekend. Playing ‘cat and mouse’ timber floorboard hunting on my only day off is NOT my idea of fun! I managed to finally find some at a recycling yard in Brisbane north. It was on Sunday, although there was more bad news. The floorboards I found we’re too wide. I spent Sunday afternoon milling them down to the exact width at home.

A Great Result For the Customer

Monday morning they went in and were a ‘PERFECT’ match. A headache? …Yes! But the customer was ecstatic and appreciative. This Brisbane timber floor restoration was completed on time as promised. Economy Floor sanding deliver on their promises, and we’re proud of it! If you’re interested in restoring your old timber floors, or would just like an idea of the costs to restore your timber floors in Brisbane, talk to us today on 0419 684 404.

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