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Customer Guide - Polished Timber Floors

Before getting your timber floors sanded and polished you will first need to prepare your home. Before the starting day, you will need to arrange to have all your furniture removed from the rooms. Also, if your floor areas include built-in cupboards, you will need to clear out the floor area of the cupboards.

Alternative accommodation
In most cases unfortunately, you will not be able to live in the house during works. We need to seal the house off during the coating process. This requires tape across gaps at the bottom of doors. It is to avoid any trace of air movement during the drying of the coating. At the same time, strong fumes will be present throughout the home.

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Polished timber floors

Prepare Your Home

Kitchen area
For the best result your fridge should be moved out to gain full access to the fridge recess area. It is common to leave the dishwasher in place as it is rarely moved and snuggly built in. On the other hand, if preferred, we can certainly do that for you if you choose to remove it.

Old Floor coverings
A service we offer is the removal and disposal of your old existing floor coverings. If you have chosen to remove your own floor coverings then ensure you ‘Pull out’ any tacks or staples. If you hammer them down flat it can cause issues. We would then need to be punch them down. This could result in split or damaged floorboards.

Cars under your House
If your timber floors are visible over your vehicle parking space, you will need to remove them. In some cases a drip of coating may seep through the floorboards and onto the paintwork.

What we need
We will need a connected power source at the premises. We will also need access to the electricity meter box. This is because some larger machines may trip the circuit breaker or fuse during works.

Noise Levels
Our machinery and processes will generate a lot of noise during the sanding stage. We adhere to the Brisbane City Council guidelines on building work noise and only carry out work between 6.30 am and 6.30 pm Monday to Saturday.

It's Time To Polish Your Timber Floors

Coating your timber floors
After we carry out all the ground sanding work, it’s time to protect them via the coating stage. Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane uses a High Solids polyurethane coating. It does not only look great, but also has commercial grade durability.

Gloss level guide
The gloss level you choose can impact on both looks and also the amount of cleaning tasks you will need to perform. It would be beneficial to take a few factors into consideration. Read more about choosing the right gloss level for your timber floors.

Re-coating Floors

All polished timber floors can be re-coated.  Re-coating them not only re-news the surface, it also keeps them looking great. Save money in the long term by extending the lifespan of your floors.

Rental Properties
If you're a landlord you really need to protect your investment right from the start. Our landlords guide will show you the key steps to take to protect yourself from tenants causing damage.

Customer's F.A.Q.
Not every home is set up the same way. For example, a two level home may allow owners to stay onsite during works. You have questions, so find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions right here.

When I Quote on Your Floors:

  • Expect a thorough quote outlining the full scope of work. Also, the quoted price is the total amount, with no hidden costs.
  • I take the time to walk around your floors with you, while pointing out any issues of concern. Most of all, I listen and answer any questions you may have about the work.
  • Every aspect of the work is factored in so there are no surprises. For example, if a floorboard needs replacing or bracing, I will take the time to show you. Also, I will explain why we should repair it. Right from the word go, we offer up-front honest advice.