Why Choose Us?

Guarantee of Quality

Economy Floor Sanding in Brisbane attends to every aspect of your Brisbane polished floors project with great care and attention. From quote to completion of your floors, you deal with the business owner as your sole point of contact, and the only tradesman attending your home. You get a fully qualified tradesman with over 20 years of hands-on experience in sanding, polishing and restoring timber floors in Brisbane.

The Perfect Floor Sanding Service

You need a floor sander – some turn up, some don’t, and you find you’re unsure which Brisbane floor polishing company you can trust. Does this sound familiar? As a home owner, if you don’t do a little research on what is involved, or what you should be aware of, you could end up like many others looking back in hindsight with issues such as:

  • A Less than Desirable Floor

    You’ve paid good money and invested time into expecting something you did not receive.

  • Potential Damage to your Home

    Kitchen cabinets, skirting boards and paint work could be marked or damaged by less than skillful operators.

  • A Coating that Dosen't Last

    Twelve months down the track you find your floors already showing signs of wear and have lost their appeal.

We Can Help

Don’t be fooled by our name ‘Economy Floor Sanding’ – our Brisbane floor polishing services offer a guarantee of quality and are focused on exceeding our customers expectations. We always use the highest quality machinery ensuring the superior flattening of timber floors. The precision balanced rollers within our machinery provide vibration free operation to achieve the results you want – a jaw dropping floor!

Customer piece of Mind

Q.B.C.C. Contracts Used

Q.B.C.C. approved contracts used – From a customer standpoint, you should insist on a Queensland Building & Construction Commission approved contract for your protection. Our customers always welcome this legal document for their surety.

Home Security

Home security – Generally, vacating your home during works & coating processes is necessary. It would be unsettling not knowing who is entering your home, which is the case with larger company employees – Economy Floor sanding ensures Karl, the business owner, is the only tradesman onsite.

Up Front Pricing

Up Front Pricing with no Surprises – Quote details and full costs are contained in the signed contract. Any deviation to work asked by a customer after commencement is also provided in writing, approved and signed by both parties prior.

Keeping You Informed

Staying in touch during works, advising on any latent issues if they arise, verifying your floors are 100 percent the day after completion – Karl ensures your kept up to date, and is just a phone call away.

Tell Me More

Undecided on the gloss level for your floors? Don’t panic – we’re a timber floor polishing company that supports you to achieve the exact look your after.

Here’s how:
The polyurethane coating system is a 3 coat process. Regardless of the gloss level you desire, the first 2 coats are always full gloss (just better foundation coats to achieve maximum film build)

After the second coat stage, we invite you view your floors at “two thirds” full gloss level to stimulate your imagination. Clients love this as it’s easier to envision the final outcome – whether to increase or decrease the level of gloss from that point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Timber Floor Coating Application

After years behind the wheel of a floor sanding and polishing company in Brisbane, I’ve discovered a thing or two about wood floor finishes:

  • Quality Sanding work + low quality coating = A POOR RESULT

    This is not the result you want!

Economy Floor Sanding perform the floor coating application process with 3 coats of HIGH SOLIDS polyurethane with a visible thickness to it! This timber floor polishing finish is tough and robust, suitable for high foot traffic situations that will stand the test of busy families and time.

It’s no surprise that the specific factors such as material used, foot traffic, design/layout of any given timber floor situation is unique. Regardless, residential or commercial, you can expect many years of unwavering service, along with the signature look of a solvent based moisture curing timber floor treatment coating system.