Ashgrove Floor Sanding Case Study

A Video of this Ashgrove Job

This Ashgrove floor sanding job was anything but easy. It involved sanding timber floors covered in paint and tile glue. The owners of this old home had recently enclosed their sunroom as part of their renovation. They also used recycled timber to match up with their old existing floor. It took many angle sands at 45 degree angles to get this area flat. The challenge didn’t end there. As you can see in the video, this is a very old hardwood floor. The kitchen area was also covered in a layer of glue.

Ashgrove floor leveling

Sanding Tile Glue off the Floor

On the whole, the area with the most work needed was the bathroom. A rubber-based glue covered the floor, and once again, they did not use an underlay. Moreover, some timber rot was present in front of the shower. It was also obvious water had penetrated into the surface over time. At the quoting stage I let the client know I had my doubts this floor was going to be worth the effort.

Ashgrove floor sanding
floor sanding Ashgrove

As you can see in the video this Ashgrove floor sanding job was quite a challenge. The recycled timber area had excessive gaps between some of the floorboards. In the kitchen, the clients had recently pulled up some old existing floor tiles. This process had further damaged the floor surface. As a result, deep gouge marks are present throughout the area from the client’s use of a hammer and chisel.

Floor sanding # 1 Rule

Don’t make the same mistake as this client did. As you can see, they have not yet finished this new kitchen install. Generally, as a rule, it is always best to install your kitchen before having your floors polished. This is to avoid any damage to your polished floors from other trade work.

The Conclusion

This Ashgrove floor sanding job was now complete. It was to our delight (both the client and myself) to find the glue had protected this old floor to a degree. To sum up, the results were better than expected for these older timber floors. The flow-on effect of the polished floors into the bathroom was a great look. In any event, the end result was the look that this client was after to complete his renovation.

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