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Timber Floor Repairs Brisbane

A timber Floor being restored with some floorboards removed

Timber floor repairs Brisbane experts Economy Floor Sanding fix damaged wood floors. Floorboard replacement along with timber floor restoration & renovation is all in a days work when dealing with older homes. This is generally is the case with Brisbane’s iconic Queenslander style residences. We take great pride in restoring wood flooring within these homes. We carry out repairs to borer or termite damaged floors. The blending in of new or old floorboards is one of our specialties.

Don’t concern yourself with the condition of your old floor. We often surprise our customers by creating a feature floor from an old timber floor eyesore.

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We Restore Damaged Floors

Brisbane Floor Restoration and Repair

Floorboards replaced into a wooden floor
It is desirable for appearances to stagger the joins of the replaced floorboards. This is so two boards don’t end on a floor joist next to each other. It sometimes means extending a board or two to the next joist to detract attention of the eye. This alternates the joins for more concealment of the timber floor repairs. Find out more about how we go that extra mile to achieve the best outcome possible.
If you have old pine or hardwood flooring in Brisbane that need restoring contact us today for an free inspection. View our guide on floor sanding prices in Brisbane to get an idea on costs. Timber floor repairs and maintenance in preparation for floor sanding and polishing can entail floorboard replacement. Wooden floor repairs may become necessary for many reasons. You may have removed an old kitchen revealing old plumbing holes which ran through the floor. There may be termite or borer floorboard damage present. You may only need general repairs or sub-floor attention. Get in contact with the Brisbane timber floor restoration experts so we can discuss your options.

Timber Floor Repair Options

Floor restoration supply yard showing timber on shelves
It is not always easy to source tongue-and-groove floorboards to blend in with your old existing floor. Matching them could depend on many factors. These can include species, timber shade and age along with your particular floorboard width. In some cases we can locate old floorboards if they are available. Our office is near one of Brisbane’s largest recycling/demolition yards. Timber shade matching and blending is faultless using this method. We may still need to adjust the floorboard width to accommodate your floor.

Repairing Noisy Timber Floorboards

A pine wooden floor restoration example
Noisy floorboard repairs may not need replacement of the board. The remedy for squeaky or creaking timber floors may be simple. It may lie in the normal course of the timber floor sanding polishing processes. Punching the nails will settle the boards back tight to the joists. This will stop ‘nail squeaks’ or loose floorboards rubbing against nails when walked across.

Repair Floor Surface damage

Timber floor repairs such as scratches, scuff marks or surface damage can be an easy fix. This is only if they are superficial, that is, only in the top coat of the polyurethane. The negative side is that the entire floor will need to be re-coated to avoid gloss level variations. If the scratch is in an inconspicuous location, an individual board may be coated as a quick repair. This type of repair would not impact on the floor as a whole.

Repair Timber Floor Moisture Damage

Water and moisture damage is most prevalent in or next to wet areas. Wet areas would include the bathroom, toilet, laundry and kitchen. Failed pipe connections leaking under floor coverings over time can be a cause. Moisture barrier coatings in bathrooms can also fail. Fibrous cells of the timber absorb moisture and will begin to break down over an extended period of time. Staining of the floorboards can also occur. An onsite inspection will determine the extent of the damage.

Restoring Floors with UV light Damage

UV light or unfiltered sunlight reaching the floor surface has damaging effects over time. Just as our skin will burn without the filter of sunscreen, so too will your floors suffer harm. Excessive yellowing of the surface coating will be the first tell-tale sign. If it is detected early, you can stop it by filtering the light. If left too long the coating will start to deteriorate and break down. The interior coating would be exposed to the full exposure of the sun. This would be like it was coated on an exterior deck. Interior finishes can not withstand this type of exposure to the sun.

Timber Floor Restoration Repairs

After a major home restoration there are a many reasons your floors may need attention. Removing walls to achieve open plans or kitchen adjustments can expose raw timber surfaces. Damage from tradesmen's tools or building materials can also lead to possible repairs. Repairs can range from a simple re-coat to a complete re-sand back to raw timber to rectify the abuse.

Timber Floor Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation of worn polished floors is just general maintenance. Polyurethane finishes will thin and will wear down over time. This is generally in main traffic zones such as in the kitchen and down the centre-path of the hallway. The rest of the polished floor surface may need a re-coat at the same time. This is to get that uniform gloss appearance throughout. Re-coating a floor is a one day procedure for minimal disruption for your family.

Timber Sub-floor Repairs

Minor sub-floor repairs may be necessary in older homes, and if under-floor access in available, most of these repairs are quite simple. Floor joists may need bracing or propping up to remedy a spongy section of flooring.

Rescuing Timber Floors

If you have timber floors in Brisbane which need rescuing contact us for a free inspection. Unfortunately today the over-confident DIY handyman is attempting any task around the home imaginable. It is common that we have to repair and re-do a large number of problematic floors.

These floors, if left in their current state, can look average and even devalue a home. If this sounds familiar, it may be time to call in a professional floor sander. Let us get your home back into shape. We can help turn that traumatic task into the dream floor you first set out to achieve.

Older Timber Floors

Take a look at what we encounter when we sand, polish and restore old timber floors.

Old Floors