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Polished Floors F.A.Q.

Our Polished Timber Floors FAQ page offers sound, up-front advice. It relates to the most common questions generally asked about polished floors in Brisbane. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How much does floor sanding cost in Brisbane?

As a general guide for Brisbane customers:
$25 + GST per m2 – New floors, new extensions, new home, and clean existing floors.
$30 + GST per m2 – Older floors.
Of course, floor conditions will vary, especially in older homes. Because of this, as a result, costs will also vary. Uneven surfaces for example, as well as surface damage will generally need extra time. For more information as well as examples, see our detailed price guide.

Does floor sanding create a lot of dust?

We guarantee your home will be dust free upon completion. Sanding timber floors will of course, as a result create dust. In spite of that, we use meticulous dust control methods. likewise, we also use purpose built dust collection machinery. Besides that, floor to ceiling dust control barriers can also isolate rooms.

Do you remove old floor coverings?

Yes. In addition to that, we can also dispose of them. You can also, of course have this priced as a separate option. See our floor covering guide for more information.

Do you carry out repairs to timber floors?

Yes. We offer a range of timber floor repair services. They include floorboard replacement. Moreover we also stain and blend replaced floorboards. Rather than new timber, whenever possible we outsource old boards to suit your floor. Of course this depends on availability.

Can I get a floor sanding quote outside of business hours?

Yes. We’re eager to view your floors. We also quote weekends and public holidays (by appointment). Arrange a floor sanding quote now. Careful assessment will involve an onsite inspection above and below your floorboards.

Can my current polished floors be saved?

Yes, depending on their condition of course. Polished floors can generally all be re-coated. As a result, this will restore the surface. Not only that, but it will also remove fine scratches. It can further uniform gloss levels throughout a home. We recommend an inspection. Once again, it will depend on coating age and surface condition.

Do we need to vacate our property?

In most cases yes, but not all. It will really depend on your house plan. During the free onsite consultation, we can quickly assess and advise based on your circumstances. If you have an upper and lower level, and one can be isolated/closed off and sealed in the appropriate manner, then it will be fine to live there during works.

Will floor sanding damage our home?

No. Economy Floor Sanding takes great care of your home. Employing a vast array of advanced floor sanding machines to sand and access confined spaces plus non-damaging contact points to skirtings and kick-boards, your floorboard transformation is in careful hands. We offer this guarantee in writing and deliver on our promises. Our core values include treating our customer’s homes with respect and we take this seriously.

Do you provide floor sanding services in my area?

We service all Brisbane north suburbs from the city to the mid-north suburbs of Banyo, Aspley, Kedron, Stafford, and surrounding areas through to outer north Dayboro, Samford, Sandgate, and surrounding areas.

How do I know if my floors can be polished?

First ensure you have timber floors present. If you are uncertain about the condition of your wooden floors or are not sure if they are suitable to be polished, we are happy to inspect them for free at a time that suits you. Sanding, repairing & polishing of old timber floors are our specialty. Economy Floor Sanding are committed to squeezing out the best outcome possible within every floor restoration project offering flexibility, fairness, and honest advice to our client base.

Can I sand my own floors?

At first glance, it may seem an attractive option if you are on a tight budget. It can be compared to a handyman performing car body/paint work. There are some pitfalls involved when sanding and polishing timber floors, and in reflected light, all imperfections will be obvious in the end result.
A highly skilled professional, using balanced, quality professional equipment and methods will add value to your property. Additionally, it can also add a striking feature to any home. On the other hand, unbalanced inferior hire equipment, lack of skill and technique or coating product application knowledge can and will result in an eyesore which can have the opposite effect.

Add a Stunning Feature to your Home

Polished floors in a lounge room
Polished hardwood floors in semi-gloss finish

Time needed: 4 days.

How to increase the value of your Brisbane home in 4 easy steps.

  1. Get a FREE floor sanding quote

    We offer floor sanding quotes in Brisbane 7 days (by appointment) Our quotes are clear, easy to understand and thorough.

  2. Prepare your home

    Before we arrive you need to prepare your home. For example if your kitchen is included. your refrigerator will need to be moved. See our guide on how to prepare your home.

  3. The floor sanding process begins

    Our onsite refined angle sanding, and rotary sanding techniques result in your floors sanded dead flat. Often overlooked, this is the foundation of a high-quality finished floor. Especially in light reflection.

  4. The polishing stage

    Now we protect the surface with a high solids polyurethane floor finish. We use commercial grade coatings for domestic floors. High durability means the floor’s life is extended. Likewise, it is a more cost-effective flooring in the long term.