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Borer and Termite Repairs Brisbane

Do you have timber floors with termite or Borer damage? Economy Floor sanding are timber floor sanding and polishing specialists. We can tend to your borer and termite repairs to get your Hoop Pine floors ready for polishing.

Here in south-east Queensland we have a problem with a particular type of borer. It is the ‘Queensland Pine Beetle’. The floors and walls of the classic Queenslander style homes are most at risk. The most common timber we find they inhabit is Hoop Pine timber floors.

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Timber Floors with Borer Damage

borer damage

In general, when we sand a Hoop Pine floor we expect there will be some degree of borer damage found. During the quotation stage it is vital to inspect both the top and underside of the floor. Most times it is difficult to detect timber borers from the top. They seem to leave some timber on the top-side and emerge from under the floorboards. The tell-tale signs are small uniform holes on the underside. They are about the size of a pinhead.

Inspecting Floors with Termite and Borer Damage

Timber floor borer damaged

Here is a removed floorboard with Borer damage. It has been marked for removal.

The under floor inspection will only give you a guide to the extent of the damage. A test sand of the floor is the only way to detect the full amount of the damage. This entails a coarse sand to remove the top surface layer. After the test sand, I walk around with the client and agree on which boards to replace.

Repairing Timber Floors with Borers

wooden floor borers

This is a side profile of a damaged floorboard. Timber borers generally leave a layer of timber on top of the floorboard untouched. The amount is not always as much as shown here.

Some floorboards will have very minor damage topside. In this case, we can use a filler matching the timber shade to hide it. This offers a quite satisfactory result. It can also help to reduce costs. We will need to remove floorboards with extensive damage. Some floorboards will flex with only the weight of the sanding machine rolling over them. After the test sand, floorboards with extensive damage will lose their strength. They will become weak and flex while others will break. This is where the timber floor repairs begin.

Cost of Termite and Borer Repairs in Brisbane

At the quotation stage we will offer a collective price for:

  • The removal of the damaged floorboards
  • Supply and install of new Hoop Pine floorboards
  • Staining them to match your old floor

As mentioned earlier, it is up to the client how many floorboards you wish to replace. All the boards which have lost their strength and starting to flex will NEED to go. Some clients want all traces of Borer damage removed. Others are happy to have the minor damage filled. It is a matter of personal preference. Before the work proceeds you will have the costs in writing within a Q.B.C.C. contract.

If you want your old Hoop Pine timber floors sanded and polished talk to us today. If you suspect you have borers or termites in your floors then get an onsite inspection. Call the borer and termite repairs Brisbane experts on 041 968 4404 for all your polished timber flooring needs.

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