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We sand, polish & refinish all timber flooring types including solid 19mm hardwood floors as well as Pine. Most floors in existing dwellings are 19mm in thickness and are widespread throughout the older suburbs in Brisbane. They’re a sound and enduring flooring capable of multiple re-sands without losing structural integrity.

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We uncomplicate the process of having your floors sanded.

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Sanding your timber floors should be your last task.

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What is Floor Sanding?

Floor sanding is the act of flattening wooden floorboards with sandpaper using purpose-built machines. The most common flooring types which can be sanded include solid hardwood floors, pine and parquet. Polyurethane is used to protect floors after sanding.

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Polished Timber Floor Specialists

Renovating or updating your home? Here at Economy Floor Sanding we like to inform our clients upfront about every aspect of the work rather than just leave you guessing. Our wood floor sanding services help clients all across Brisbane adding style and value to their homes.

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How Floor Sanding Quality Can Vary

This Video is what we mean when we say “just sanding a floor clean isn’t enough”. Removing an old coating and cleaning the timber, yes, that is a requirement. As shown above defects from sanding machines were still present before this floor was previously coated.

Angle Floor Sanding Process

Abrasive angle sanding a floor

As shown above, using the sanding machine on an angle first, is key. From time to time we come across wood floors that need sanding in multiple directions. Each wooden floor is different, depending on age and condition. Step by step from that point the correct processes need to follow.

After the Floor Sanding Stage

Coating a timber floor with finishes

The sandpaper stage is complete. Next it’s time to protect your floors from abrasion, moisture & dirt. We use modern timber floor finishes that not only look great, they are also highly durable. Together with a superior sanded and well prepared raw timber surface, our high solids floor finishes will look great for years to come.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Specialists

You need a specialist floor sander if you’re after a stunning feature floor in your home. Just like the foundation of a large building, get it wrong and there’s no turning back. The initial abrasive sanding work is critical to get a superior polished timber floor. Our large top line ‘Hummel’ belt sander is far superior to a drum sander machine. It’s the floor machine that does all the important ground work.

Abrasion and Wear Removal

Instead of a complete re-sand, you may just need to refinish your current polished wood flooring. Here and there over a period of time scrapes, scratches or scuff marks as well as minor damage will occur. For this reason our floor finishing services include what we call a maintenance coat. First of all it will re-establish a full and uniform sheen on the polyurethane surface. As long as the damage is only minor, buffing can remove it. Then we apply another protective coating. On the whole it will regain a uniform look and lengthen the life of your floors.

Floor Sanding Decks

Outside floorboards

Besides sanding wood floors inside, we also offer make overs for your outdoor living zones. Alongside general decks, we also strip back pool decks, patios and verandas. Take your alfresco area from dull to spectacular with a rich looking UV resistant external floor finish.

Your Home Left Clean Guaranteed

Our dust control and vacuuming methods mean your home is left dust free. Try getting a guarantee in writing from another Brisbane floor sanding company that says:

  • Your home is left dust free guaranteed
  • Kitchen kickboards, skirting boards & paint will be damage free guaranteed
  • All sawdust and dust bags are removed from your property

Find out other valid reasons why to choose us to restore your current timber flooring.

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We offer floor refinishing services near Brisbane as well as all northside suburbs. Our working week follows the Brisbane City Council guidelines for noise restrictions; Monday to Saturday 7am -5pm. Fill in a quick, simple form and arrange a free on-site quote.

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