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Aspley Floor Sanding and Polishing

This Aspley floor came up like a dream although there was some water damage adjacent to the bathroom. It was a hardwood floor, in otherwise good condition. It had been covered in carpet for most of it's life. Aspley is a suburb in north Brisbane which has a mix of two story modern brick and older timber homes. This was one of the older homes.

As you can see in this short video, most of this hardwood floor sanded clean. This is despite the home being over 80 years old. The water damage was not severe. In this case rust stains had bled into the timber around some of the nails. In any event, you cannot fully sand out this type of stain.

Typical Old Floor

You can see by the half-rotted skirting boards, it has been an issue for an extended period of time. It didn't help that the skirting boards were pine timber. For this reason, they have rotted at a faster rate.

Rust stains are quite common here and there in older homes. Besides bathrooms, they also occur in kitchens, fridge recesses and other wet areas such as toilets, laundries and entry points.

Floor sanding Aspley

Solid Feedback

As a Brisbane floor sanding company, Economy Floor Sanding's name was handed to this customer by more than one of his family members. It was by all means satisfying to hear the owner say to me “you’ve got the job” even before I had even issued the quote.

Spotlight on Trust

Aspley floor sanding and polishing

During the initial visit and home visit with this client, I pointed out this fault to the client. They wanted their floors coated in a low sheen finish. This is by far our most popular choice. This finish has a modern look and the added bonus of hiding dust.

When I Quote on Your Floors:

  • Expect a thorough quote outlining the full scope of work. Also, the quoted price is the total amount, with no hidden costs.
  • I take the time to walk around your floors with you, while pointing out any issues of concern. Most of all, I listen and answer any questions you may have about the work.
  • Every aspect of the work is factored in so there are no surprises. For example, if a floorboard needs replacing or bracing, I will take the time to show you. Also, I will explain why we should repair it. Right from the word go, we offer up-front honest advice.

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