Gloss polished timber floor in a kitchen.

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Polished Timber Floors

Economy Floor Sanding offer professional floor polishing services in Brisbane. Get quality workmanship, dust-free guarantee and the owner/operator on every job. 
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Polishing For Looks as well as Durability

Floor polishing completed on timber floor
Besides looks, durability is also the next most desired aspect of a quality polished timber floor. Looks are in fact the driving factor when first choosing polished floors. However later, after the clients move back in, durability then becomes equally important.

Floor Polish - Quality and Wear

The Hidden Cost of Polished Floors
If in fact a low-quality polish was used, consequently, over time, surface wear will soon become evident. As a result, maintenance costs will then of course be in addition to the original outlay. This will depend on first, the type of finish used, and the level of foot traffic in any given home. Therefore, when quoting on a floor, we always fully inform clients of our coating system. This includes images, for example, as well as gloss level examples and guidance.

Brisbane Flooring Services

A hoop pine floor

Floor Sanding & Floor Polishing

Timber floor after polishing

Timber Floors, Stairs & Decks

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Close-up of a sanded and polished floor.

Timber Floor Repairs

Repairing a floor with a floorboard missing.

Floorboard & Sub-Floor Repairs

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A close-up of a floorboard under repair.

Superior Polishing System

Suitable for High Traffic Areas
After completion of your floors, the film of coating sitting over your floor is your total available wear layer. Because of this, our focus is offering our clients highly durable polyurethanes. Besides offering a high solids film build, they also provide extremely good levelling properties. It is the perfect choice for high foot traffic areas, for example in kitchens, halls entries and stairs.
A polished wooden hallway and stairs

Avoid the Trap!

There is of course, many floor coatings on the market, and of questionable quality. Unfortunately, once they wear through, then moisture and dirt will penetrate the timber. Consequently, your floor will need refinishing once again. The headaches and extra costs are just not worth it. Talk to Karl from Economy Floor Polishing Brisbane before you choose a contractor. We are licenced with the Q.B.C.C. (Q.B.C.C. Licence 888410) and are fully insured.

We Create Feature Flooring

Our refined sanding technique, combined with high-solids commercial grade polyurethane polish take ordinary timber floors to “feature floor” status. With our modern low-sheen finishes we promise to make an impact right at your front door while adding serious value.

Old Floor Specialists

We remove old paint, glue, stains, staples and carry out floorboard repairs prior to sanding and polishing. Find out more about restoring older timber floors and how we can create a floor which captures the attention of anyone that enters your home.

Flooring Outdated?

We not only remove your old floor coverings, but also dispose of them from your property. Our detailed quotes offer any option of your choice to reduce costs or just make your floor restoration as easy as possible. Fill out our Quote Request form now! It takes less than 1 minute.

Polished Timber Flooring F.A.Q.

Generally, between 4 to 6 days to sand back and polish wooden flooring in a whole house area.

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