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Floor Sanding Parquetry in Brisbane

Specialty floors such as parquetry need a skilled hand and technique. We refinish commercial Block or Mosaic dance floors right down to parquetry feature floors in your home. With a variety of coatings available we can give you almost any look you desire. Get an on-site quote by filling out our quick and simple on-line form now.

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A Parquetry Whitewash Timber Floor We Recently Completed

To begin with, Bona White is a water based primer used as a system with Bona water based top coats. It does, in fact give that Whitewash timber floor look to lighter Pine timbers. In the event that a client wants a natural untreated look, one coat is enough. In like manner, two or more coats will increase the intensity. Of course this would depend on the desired outcome.

Watch The Video

As shown above, the floor in the video is Cypress Pine parquetry. After two Bona White primer coats, we then applied two top coats of Bona Traffic. In this case, it gave the floor a semi-gloss type appearance.

Whitewash look and Low Maintenance

Some clients in the past have asked if there is any way to lighten their floors. This Bona White coating system is definitely the Whitewash timber floor solution. It definitely has a modern look to it although I feel the lower sheen finishes compliment this whitewash look. The combination of the lighter shade with a low sheen floor finish will really hide fine surface dust. In other words a trendy look and low maintenance floor.

Video Transcript

This parquetry floor started out with this old water-based clear finish applied to it. It had some general wear and tear, and they had also just removed an old fireplace which needed to be sanded down flat and blended in. The clients were also after a different look this time around.
They decided on a white-wash effect, to really lighten up the room, and contrast against their dark furniture. Bona White is a water-based primer used as a system combined with clear, Bona top coats. On this floor I applied two coats of the white primer followed by two coats of Bona Traffic. As you can see, it has really lightened up this room and it was exactly the look this customer was after.

Whitewash parquetry Timber floor

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