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Nundah Floor Sanding Case Study

This Nundah floor sanding job involved an old Hoop Pine floor that had seen better days. It was an old Queensland style cottage typical of the Nundah area. The customers were after a low sheen finish that would suit the style of their home, but also to give it a much needed face-lift.

floor sanding Nundah

Sanding Imperfections

When we arrived, first of all, we found a worn coating in the kitchen. Furthermore, it had deteriorated, allowing moisture and stains to penetrate through it. The kitchen had also been previously coated with a water based finish, hence the lighter timber shade, prior to us sanding it off. The rest of the floors were full of sanding imperfections. This was consequently from the previous floor sander's poor workmanship. Also, the coating was peeling away in some areas. I could not determine the type of old coating present on the rest of the floors. Whatever it was, it seems like it was a poor quality finish judging by how easily it sanded off the floor. Floor sanding Brisbane's iconic older homes is a passion of mine, so I was eager to get this one back to it's former glory.

The Previous Floor Sanding Company

There were also borer damaged boards that needed replacing in various locations. Also, the previous floor sanding company also did not angle sand the hallway. As a result, an up and down wave effect was present, and therefore very noticeable in reflected light.

Furthermore the floorboards were a convex shape, and it looked terrible. In addition, the convex type shape to the boards continued into the bedrooms. As you can see in the video, the old coating was still present on the outer edges of the floorboards after the first angle sand.

Using The Right Sanding Technique

Nundah Floor Sanding

With the correct angle sanding technique I was able to remove the wave effect and as a result, the hallway came up like a dream. It took a little extra time and effort, but finally all the stains sanded out of the kitchen area. As a result, the customer was happy. As you can see in the light reflection here in this bedroom, this old floor is now finally dead flat.

Meeting The Customer's Expectations

In conclusion, the challenges we encountered on this Nundah floor sanding job are typical of old Hoop Pine floors we regularly sand in Brisbane. Most customers are comfortable with the odd stain or minor borer track in their floor. Some customers are after absolute perfection. Whatever your vision is, we are up front with our expectations and offer quotes with options. These options may be for with or without unnecessary repairs or staining. It’s your choice, so call us today for a free onsite consultation. If you need an old floor repaired, or any other floor sanding services in Brisbane, talk to Karl, the business owner today on 0419 684 404.

When I Quote on Your Floors:

  • Expect a thorough quote outlining the full scope of work. Also, the quoted price is the total amount, with no hidden costs.
  • I take the time to walk around your floors with you, while pointing out any issues of concern. Most of all, I listen and answer any questions you may have about the work.
  • Every aspect of the work is factored in so there are no surprises. For example, if a floorboard needs replacing or bracing, I will take the time to show you. Also, I will explain why we should repair it. Right from the word go, we offer up-front honest advice.