Your Floor Sander On-Site – Its Day 1

Your floor sander arrives on the first day. What we do today, will seriously impact the end result.

Nail Punching

The first task is punching all nails at least 2mm below the surface. This will achieve the following:
  • Lock down the floorboards securely back onto the joists.
  • Reduce squeaking floorboards.
  • Recess the nails to avoid damage to sandpaper.
  • Allow enough depth to hold the filler.

Floor Sander Technique

Regardless of the floor being new, or 100-year-old Hoop Pine floorboards, angle sanding is crucial.

We start the first cut at 45 degrees with very course sandpaper. Then back with the grain. Now you have a dead flat foundation to work with. This action removes:

  • Previous sanding defects left in the floor.
  • Lips at the board edges.
  • Concave or convex shape to the floorboard surface.

Moving Forward

With day 1 behind us, we build on that solid foundation work.
Each stage is equally as important as the first. The sanding will now carry on through the sandpaper grades ending at 150 grits on a rotary sanding machine.

Why this floor looked uneven after 'ONLY' 6 months

Floor sander defects in a hardwood floor.

This is a classic example of not punching the nails. This homeowner contacted us to help them after another flooring company previously sanded these floors.

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