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Kedron Floor Sanding Case Study

This Kedron floor sanding and polishing job came up like a charm! We just completed this Cypress pine floor for a customer. Furthermore, they are preparing to sell their north Brisbane home. They also wanted to add that wow factor with a full gloss finish, to grab a buyer’s attention and also create an impact.

I therefore knew I had to impress this customer and hence, also deliver on my promise.

Floor sanding Kedron

First of all, they just installed a new kitchen, so this exposed some old plumbing holes. Therefore, this involved some floor repairs. Although this is an easy fix, there was an issue with the thickness of the boards in this location. Also, there were extensive dog claw marks throughout, although they just sand out.

The Previous Floor Sanding Machines

These floors had been polished years ago. It was obvious that a lack of quality sanding equipment had left these floors in poor condition. Also, an edge sander with a rounded up nose had caused some damage. This seems to have left arc shaped indentations around all the edges. Furthermore, I had concerns with this Kedron floor sanding job because of the terrible wave effect left in the floor. This is due to the previous floor sanding equipment used to polish these floors.

Sanding Problem in the Kitchen

The new kitchen did not sit exactly where the old cabinets sat. As a result his left a section of raw timber floor in the shape of the cabinet. Also old plumbing holes needed repairing. The rounded up nose on the edger used had caused a problem. There was a deep groove left around the raw timber and I needed to sand it out. Also, this caused me to sand off more timber than I would feel comfortable with. Just to be safe, I screwed up and glued a brace across that area from under the floor to strengthen it.

The conclusion
Kedron floor sanding

The board replacement in the kitchen blended right into the floor. Finally, with the right prep work, this Kedron floor sanding job ended up with a super-flat floor. Most of all, this will help this customer to sell their home. If you need your floors restored we are a Brisbane floor sanding company - Talk to us on 0419 684 404.

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